ALETTE BLANC inspired by Paris, France, is a jewelry watch brand inlaid with Swarovski crystals.
ALETTE BLANC naturally upgrades your daily life sparklingly with a sophisticated design and high-quality leather watchstrap of feminine colour.
It’s easy to exchange a watchstrap which increases the range of combination depending on your mood or occasion.
Your time becomes bright as soon as you put on ALETTE BLANC regardless it is your special day or normal day.

Using Swarovski Crystal

Camelia spin watch luxuriously uses about 650 pieces of Swarovski crystals.
The genuine brilliance brings your elegant style to perfection.

spin watch
Spin Watch

Dial spins as you move with the watch. Swarovski crystal stones shine even brighter and makes you a star!

style change
One-touch exchange belt

A watchstrap comes with a lever so that it’s very easy to replace the straps. You can change your style depending on your mood even in the busy morning.

Perfect Gift

A gorgeous box comes with a watch makes you feel more fashionable. It is a pure white box, and best for gifts.


camelia watch

A spin watch inlaid with about 650 pieces of Swarovski crystal stones. Camelia on dial spins as you move your wrists. See the details here.

coming soon
New work coming soon, will be on sale one after another!
We will deliver fresh information.
Please expect by all means!


2 years guarantee
We repair your product anytime at our partnering factory on site whenever it breaks down during the period of guarantee.

Examples of the cases which is not covered by the warranty.

  • Failure caused by water or magnetics. Though it is practical waterproof, avoid wearing when you use water.
  • Replacement in case of dead battery. Please ask your local watch shop for replacement when the battery runs out.
  • Damage or defects caused by a customer’s willful misconduct or negligence.
  • Failure due to wear and tear.

Camelia collection flom here Lily collection flom here
Camelia collection flom here Lily collection flom here